As the strongest substance in the body, many patients are surprised to learn how easy it can be to damage tooth enamel. A fracture or chip in the tooth can pose many problems for your smile, both cosmetic and functional. Not only can chips and cracks cause greater sensitivity, damage to the enamel often makes the tooth more susceptible to decay, bacteria buildup, and infections. 

There are many reasons why the teeth can break, including: 

Fortunately, our modern dental practice has a myriad of restorative dentistry solutions to repair cracks and other damage to the enamel. Dental crowns, or protective “caps” for weakened teeth, can be very effective at protecting and reinforcing a broken tooth, often saving a damaged tooth from infection and even extraction. We also perform more conservative treatments for cracked and chipped teeth, including cosmetic bonding, inlays and onlays, and veneers. 

At Griffiths Smiles, our cosmetic dentist understands how alarming it can be to realize your teeth are damaged or otherwise fractured. Dr. Mark Griffiths can evaluate your injury and provide timely, compassionate care to heal the affected tooth and restore the full integrity of your smile. Don’t hesitate to contact Griffiths Smiles at our Bankers Hill office for a personalized treatment plan to preserve your natural enamel and correct any damage to the teeth.