How to Fix a Decayed or Broken Tooth

Our teeth are vulnerable to many different types of damage, from bacteria buildup to an unexpected dental injury. No matter the cause, a compromised tooth can impair the health, function, […]

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Model holding her hands over her mouth to cover her teeth

What Causes Teeth to Look Aged?

Critical to maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile is the overall shape and appearance of your individual teeth. Unfortunately, your teeth can begin to lose their youthful proportions and look aged, […]

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Consequences of Tooth Loss

There are many potential reasons for a lost or missing tooth, ranging from a sports injury to a lack of dental hygiene over the years. Although the cosmetic effect that […]

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Welcome to Our New Site!

Dr. Mark Griffiths and the entire team at Griffiths Smiles are ecstatic to welcome you to our newly designed website, where you can find a plethora of useful information about […]

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