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Sleep Deprivation and a Healthy Mouth


What does periodontal disease have to do with not sleeping enough?

Some studies say a third of all Americans suffer with chronic sleep deprivation. If you have ever wondered what the effects of sleep are – they reset our physiological computer. Our core body temperature drops 5-10%, our metabolic waste products are eliminated from the brain, and it is critical to modulation of our immune system. When this happens our bodies reduce the reactive oxygen species reducing inflammation and decreasing levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).

We know poor diet and poor oral hygiene can increase decay but the newest data shows not sleeping enough is just as important to oral health. Recently hours spent in restful sleep have decreased as cases of periodontitis and gingivitis have increased. This may help explain the rising epidemic of periodontal disease which is linked to various other unhealthy behaviors that have become a growing trend.

Only by looking at “Complete Health” and the role habit and environment create can healthcare providers effectively treat this modern epidemic.


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