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Oral Bacteria Can Prevent Pregnancy

A study in Southern Finland which included 256 women aged 19 to 42 years of age found that women with Porphyromonas gingivalis in their saliva and higher saliva or serum antibody concentrations against the bacterium had a three fold hazard for not becoming pregnant compared to their counterparts. This hazard increased to nearly four times if more than one of these qualities and clinical signs of periodontitis was present. For twelve months these women were monitored while trying to become pregnant.

Suusanna Paju, DDS, PhD pointed out that while more research is needed, it does show that periodontal bacteria may have a systemic effect even in lower amounts and even before clinical signs of gum disease are present.  Today with more healthcare dollars being spent on treating infertility it is very concerning that severe chronic periodontitis is the sixth most common medical condition in the world. 

Young women should be encouraged to take care of their oral health and take good care of their oral hygiene before they are considering pregnancy.

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