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Two articles were recently published about E-cigarettes and their ability to damage gums and teeth as well as kill mouth cells from exposure to their vapor.

Oncotarget published an article which quoted a University of Rochester Medical Center study which stated  ” …when the vapors from an e-cigarette are burned, it causes cells to release inflammatory proteins, which in turn aggravate stress within cells. This  results in damage that could lead to various oral diseases.” This will be affected by how much and how often the individual smokes with a contributing factor  from the added flavoring and nicotine.

Does it matter what flavor is preferred?

Cherry flavor has the worst effects as pointed out in the latest issue of Journal of Cellular Physiology. The team at Universite’ Laval  found that cultures in unexposed cells died at a rate of 2% over-all. When exposed over a three day period with exposure for two five-second exposures per minute for 15 minutes each day, the damage rate at day 1 was 18%, day 2 was 40% and day 3 was 53%!

Dr. Rouaba, who led the Universite Laval study, also is a member of the Oral Ecology Research Group (GREB) at the Universite Laval said “Damage to the defensive barrier in the  mouth can increase the risk of infection. inflammation, and gum disease. Over the longer term, it  may also increase the risk of cancer. This is what we will be investigating in the future.”

Stay tuned!

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