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Is Bottled Water better than tap water?



Although most people believe they can taste the difference in blind testing most people had no idea they were drinking tap water! After careful analysis new studies are showing there are many things to look at before buying and drinking bottled waters.

The FDA( Food and Drug Administration) oversees bottled water production and the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) oversees tap water production. The EPA is stricter and has more controls in place than the FDA over bottled water, which keeps tap water lower in bacteria. With new data showing bottled water use increasing, there are more than 4 billion water bottles polluting our environment and those are only from the U.S. bottled water drinkers! Taking over a thousand years to degrade the cost is mounting as we struggle to clean this up. Only 27% are recycled.

While manufacturers are branding and selling us “purity” in bottled water the facts dispute this showing many are chemically treated with flavoring or other additives to reach a pH of 3 (pH 8 is neutral).

Why all the talk about acidity in water?  Too much acidity leaches the calcium from our bones and causes osteoporosis and kidney stones, acidity can also cause teeth to suffer from acid erosion.

With water use on the rise why not use a home filtration system, it is less expensive and more convenient while creating better health and less waste.


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